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Course Overview:

AVS conducts 36 IWCF courses in a year. The course duration is five days. Course starts on Monday at 0930 hrs & finishes on Friday at 1630 hrs. For first three days extensive class room teaching is followed by practical sessions on full size derrick floor simulator. Assignment containing questions pertaining to day's curriculum are given and discussion on assignment is taken up in the next morning.

On fourth day a mock test is conducted which is an in-house test based on IWCF pattern. This is to access the performance of the participants and prepare them for the final test. Individual attention is given to the participants based on the results of the Mock test.

The program consists of a Practical Assessment Exercise and Written Test papers on Equipment and Principles & Procedures for Drillers and Drilling Supervisors based on the IWCF Certification Standards. The Certification Standards are based on a detailed analysis of the well control knowledge that Drillers and Supervisors require, and the practical tasks that they have to master, in order to perform their jobs responsibly. The standards have been devised so that the measurement of their skills and knowledge can be assessed systematically. The method of assessing the performance of an individual, at both Driller and Supervisor levels, is divided into the following sections:

  • A simulated practical exercise to assess practical skills.
  • Written test papers on Equipment and Principles &Procedures to assess knowledge based skills.

The certification program comprises separate levels of tests for Drillers and Supervisors in Surface BOP Stack operations.
Who should attend
Drilling Representatives, Drilling Supervisors, Toolpushers, Drillers, Asistant Driller


5 Days (4-days class session and 1-day written paper test)



 Surface & Combined Surface/Sub-sea Stack

  • Driller Level
  • Drilling Supervisor Level



Day 1

Normal & Abnormal pressures, LOT, MAASP, Kick indicators, Top hole drilling, Line-up, Shut in procedures, Shut in pressures, Gas migration, Kick behaviour in OBM, Kick Sheet & Simulator practice

Day 2

Assignment discussion, Driller's , Wait & Weight and Volumetric methods of killing, Ram & Annular preventor, Stripping, Divertor, Sub-sea BOP, Testing of BOP stack & Simulator practice

Day 3

Assignment discussion, BOP Control Unit and trouble shooting, MGS, Vacuum degasser, Unusual situations in well control, Bull heading, Hydrate formation & Simulator practice

Day 4

Assignment discussion, Mock test & discussion, Simulator test

Day 5

Revision, IWCF Equipment exam, IWCF Principle & Procedure exam


IWCF Certification Program consists of two written exams and a simulator practical test. Participants have to score minimum of 70% in each of the tests to qualify for the IWCF certificate. Validity of the IWCF certificate is two years. If a participant fails in any of the paper, he can re sit in the failed paper within two calendar months . Three attempts are allowed for re sit during this period.

IADC Well Cap

Course Overview

  1. The course duration is five days.
  2. Course starts on first day at 09:30 hrs and finishes on fifth day at 17:30 hrs.
  3. For first four days, there is extensive class room teaching followed by practical sessions on IADC Compliant Simulator.


5 Days (4-days class session and 1-day written paper test)
Certification Level & Stack Options
Surface Stack
Fundamental & Supervisory Level

Who should attend
Introductory Level- Floormen, Derrick man and non-technical personnel.
Fundamental Level and Supervisory Level- Assistant Drillers, Drillers, Toolpushers, Drilling Supervisors and Drilling Superintendants.

Course Content

Day 1

Day 2

1. Concept of Hydrostatic Pressure

1. Discussion on day 1 assignment

2.Pressure Gradient

2. Gas Migration

3. Normal & Abnormal Pressures

3. Well Control in OBM

4.Principal cause of abnormal pressure

4. Driller's and Weight & Weight methods of killing


5.Ram & Annular Preventor


6. Stripping

7.Kick indicators

7. Divertor

8. Primary. Secondary & Tertiary Well control

8. Subsea BOP

9. Concept of BHP

9. Testing of BOP Stack

10. Top Hole Drilling

10. Simulator Practice

11. Kick Detection

12. Shut in Procedures

13. Shut in pressures

14. Kill sheet Preperation

15. Simulator Practice


Day 3


Day 4

1. Discussion on day2 assingment

1. Discussion on day 3 assignment

2. Unusual well control situations

2. Mock Test & Discussion


3. Simulator Test

4. MGS

5.Choke Manifolds & Chokes

6. Vacuum Degasser

7. Bull heading

8. Hydrate Formation

9. BOP Control Unit

10. Kill Sheet Preparation

11. Simulator Practice

Day 5

1. Equipment Exam

2. Principle & Procedure Exam



To obtain a certificate, Candidates must achieve a minimum marks of 70% in each section of the test programme. Validity of the IADC Certificate is Two Years.
Practical Assessment
Candidates will undergo practical assessment as part of the IADC certification Process. Assessment is normally conducted in pairs of a Driller level and a Supervisor level candidate.




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